Hi! Welcome to the Cozy Loft! I’m Rhonda James, Artist and Owner of an art studio called The Cozy Loft . I’m so glad you’re here!

Rhonda James, Artist

The Cozy Loft is the name of my little cottage industry that I created for my art studio way back in 2008. This blog has become a place where I share much more than my art. You’ll also find lots of personal experiences including home DIY, craft projects, favorites, and more. So, thank you for being part of this community because you the kindest and most fascinating people I’ve ever known.

How I Found My Artistic Passion

When I was a little girl, I had Grandparents who owned a gift shop, a mother who owned a bakery and an aunt and uncle who owned a wood crafting business. At an early age (around 10-11 years old), Mama set up some art classes for us, along with my Grandmother, at a craft shop called Grace’s Cellar. In that little building, I was told by an art instructor named Mrs. Barbara Pusser that I had talent with painting. It was there that the seed took root and there was no turning back.

Through the Years

In particular, I have been painting ornaments for more than 25 years, including for Liz Claiborne/Macy’s promotions, professional athletes and major brands. My creations are in homes all over the world. It is my true joy and passion and I hope that it shows in my creations. If you have something special in mind and you don’t see it in my shop, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to work with you to create the perfect keepsake.

Where I Am Now

Passion, faith and love are 100% what has led me to where I am today. I’ve been blessed with WONDERFUL support and encouragement in various places in the wonderful USA and beyond with friends, family and even strangers..who are never strangers for long.

Where Can I Find You?

You can find my creations in my shop by clicking here. If I’ve created something in the past that you’d like, don’t hesitate to ask. Also, if I’ve not created something that you have in mind, just ask…you never know! Most information and fun facts about me can be found here on my website and blog.

Rhonda James, Artist

Above all, there are plenty of ways that you can become more involved and I would love that! By subscribing to my site, you’ll also receive all kinds of special content, notices regarding giveaways and sneak peeks at some of the new things I have to offer. You’ll soon see that Rhonda James, Artist at The Cozy Loft gets in all kinds of predicaments in this thing we call life.

This community is certainly AMAZING and I love you all!