Schwarzkopf Hair Color Review

I know I don’t typically do reviews here but I thought this might be something to share because I know plenty of men and women who color their hair. A couple of weeks ago, I joined Ibotta and had seen a $2.00 rebate on Schwarzkopf Hair Color.

Since I’d seen this at Walmart the last time I purchased hair color there, I had been interested in trying it. While I’m not unhappy with other brands I’ve tried, I am always willing to try new ones. The Schwarzkopf brand at $9.97 was something I wanted a coupon on to try it out, so when I saw the Ibotta rebate, I jumped on it. Specifically, I purchased the “Color Ultime” 3.1 in Espresso Black. Having naturally black hair since birth, I always want a natural black color with no blue tones.

Truly, I apologize for this photo. I’d not originally intended to do a review but after it was all said and done, I felt it was necessary. This box was in my trash and I’d thrown the plastic gloves on top of them after I’d rinsed them off so that’s why the box is wet:


All instructions were followed except for the allergy test. The directions always seem to be contradictory on hair coloring. I mean do I do the allergy test like they say or do I apply it immediately after mixing as it also says? Alas, I never do the allergy test and that’s just being honest about it as anyone who knows me knows I’m not going to say I do when I don’t.

The smell is not off-putting at all while coloring. It’s light and not chemical smelling as many hair colors are. Since my hair is black with significant grays (I started getting gray hair at age 18), all hair colors I typically use say to leave it on the max time so I did this one no less. I left it 25 minutes on the roots and then 10 minutes all over. I did use all the mixture. For the temple/ear/forehead areas, I put extra on my gloved finger and targeted those areas with extra color mixture to be sure it was covered as I always do.

A little about my hair: it’s thick, naturally wavy and about 4 inches below my shoulders. I use a blow dryer approximately three times per year. I use a flat iron or curling iron approximately two times per year. I don’t use styling products of any sort more than twice a year. I wash it approximately twice per week and condition it each time. Typically, I switch up shampoo and conditioner brands each month. Any beautician who has ever cut or colored it has commented on how healthy my hair is. My normal routine is wash it, pat it dry with a towel as much as possible, use a non-damaging hair tie to pile it up on my head and let it dry on its own. Because it’s thick, I usually remove the hair tie a couple hours before bedtime to make sure any dampness is gone.

After the total 35 minutes coloring time, I ran the warm water and created the emulsion and washed it as if it was shampoo. The more the color was coming out, the dryer my hair felt. It truly felt brittle


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