Helpful Hint: Don’t Skimp on Good Caulk

This might sound like a silly post, but it made such a huge difference to me. One thing that’s bothered me for a while is the caulk around our tub in our main bathroom.

When we bought this house about 5 years ago, we did a whole lot of renovations. For the bathroom/tub area, all old caulk was removed and new caulk was put down. In our bathroom, one of our buddies caulked the tub with some sort of caulk we had. Let me first stress this…never skimp on caulk. Spend the extra few cents or dollar for the good stuff. It is so very worth it because now the tub caulk which was the cheap stuff looked horrible! I wish I’d thought to take a before photo for you but imagine it wrinkled up and in general looking ugly. Plus I think he may have laid it on super thick and wide, too. But alas, after several years, we scraped all the old caulk off yesterday and then I re-caulked it. It looks soooooo good!

That was actually one of my goals for this month, so I’m thrilled to mark it off  my list. 🙂

Check this out:


There’s another caulking project that we completed, too, where we skimped on a good quality caulk. It was around our front door.  Two projects down and like a zillion more to go… 🙂

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  1. Vol

    lol….I am working on our home now and I can totally relate, Rhonda! Once you start looking around….there are a tons of things that you’d want to redo or update or upgrade. 😀

    Going Green…great grout cleaning tip: Use vinager, water and baking powder to clean your grout

  2. Amy

    So true!~ My hubby re-caulked our shower with the cheap stuff and now, no matter how clean our shower is, we have mildew looking stripes where he put it (very messily I might add). We need to re-do, too!~

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