front porch after

Front Porch Entry Transformation

One of the first things you see when you look at home is the front porch or front door entry area. From the street, it looked like it was falling apart because of the wear patterns and peeling paint. All it took was some DIY to make the front porch entry transformation a reality.

Front porch before
Front Porch Before
Prep Work is Key

In order to get it back to decent shape, I took a scraper and tediously scraped all the loose and bubbling paint from it. Then, I used a pressure washer to clean it thoroughly. A helpful hint I can give you from my years of do-it-yourself home improvement is to never skip the prep phase of a project. This is often the most important and will greatly affect the finished look in ways you can’t imagine.

Entry before
Entry Before

After the prep work, I checked the weather conditions and made sure that it wasn’t supposed to rain for at least the next 48 hours and that the temperatures were going to be good and warm. The paint I chose was the Glidden Porch and Floor Paint in a Dark Gray that I purchased from Walmart. I used a roller to roll on the paint as that made quicker work than if I’d just brushed it on. I used a brush in smaller areas as well as to
cut in the areas around the siding and door.

Glidden porch paint
Glidden Porch Paint
A Lovely Entry

There’s still a texture to the porch though it looks great from the street and for visitors. I’m totally okay with that. This video was taken today and the front porch entry transformation was actually complete about 3 years ago. The dirty spots are from a rain from earlier but will sweep right off as soon as it’s good and dry. It’s holding up nicely! You can use this product and method with confidence as long as you prep the surface well.

Front Porch After
Front Porch after

If there’s something at your home or property that needs some attention, don’t be afraid to research to see how you can fix it yourself. If it seems too difficult, leave it to the pros but I’m betting you find a few things you can improve all on your own. Have fun!

Walmart Links for Products Used

These are Walmart links for each item and all products are made in the USA. These are affiliate links for this project:
Glidden Porch & Floor Paint:
Pressure Washer:
Paint Roller Kit:

Live Video Footage

Here’s the video version if you’d like to see live footage of the before and after. Since I did this by myself, there’s no “during” footage.

Please keep an eye on The Cozy Loft website for more of my DIY projects. 🙂 See you all again very soon.

xoxo Rhonda

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